Tips & Tricks

  1. Make sure your receipt date is valid for the offer period. Receipts dated before the start of a campaign are not eligible.
  2. Make sure to submit your receipt as soon as possible after your shopping trip! The campaign closes at midnight the last day of the campaign and once it ends, new receipt submissions are closed
  3. Make sure you include the full image of the receipt. You can take up to 5 pictures of any receipt. Our processing team will need to see everything from the top to the bottom of the receipt including the store name, date/time, item list, subtotal/total, payment method and receipt ID.
  4. For long receipts, start at the top and provide a little overlap on each picture until you get to the bottom of the receipt.
  1. Fold, alter, deface, mark up or cross anything out on the receipt in anyway for your submission. Receipts must be submitted as the came from the cash register at the store.
  2. Submit receipts that are not yours or share your receipts with other users.
  3. Submit online orders or online orders for in-store picks ups.
  4. Submit pictures of digital receipt images (pictures of receipts from another computer, tablet or other smart phone). Images must be of original receipt.


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