How can I share the Find&Save app with friends and family using a share code?

Find&Save will occasionally run “Share Campaigns”, which are very similar to our Cash Dash Rewards Campaigns, where you can earn rewards by sharing the Find&Save App with new users, family and friends. The referrals must be new users who will then download the Find&Save App and participate in a Cash Dash campaign during the specified time period. When a Share Campaign is live you will see an offer in your Cash Dash Inbox that will allow you to earn rewards by successfully sharing your unique "Share Code" to new users who download the Find&Save App from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store. This new user will then need to enter your Share Code and also participate in their own Cash Dash Campaign, in which they submit a valid receipt that is approved during the specified time period for you to earn the share reward.



When a Share Campaign is active, you will see it listed with the other Cash Dash Campaigns in the Cash Dash Inbox. You will then select that Share Campaign from your Cash Dash Inbox to begin the process of earning rewards by sharing the app with friends and family. Once you have clicked on the Share Campaign, you will be given the opportunity to share the App via text message or email within the app or you can share your code however you like, as it will stay the same.



Once you have selected the method and contacts you want to share with, the App then generates a message with your share code automatically included in it. The new user will receive your message with a link to download the app, along with your Share Code and be prompted to enter the Share Code and sign up for a Find&Save account to begin earning rewards themselves. Your referral will then need to successfully participate in a Cash Dash Campaign during the designated time frame for you to receive credit for the referral. Once your referral has signed up and successfully completed a Cash Dash Campaign within the designated time frame, you will then be paid your rewards within a few short days!


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