What if my Receipt is Not Accepted?

We will take resubmissions if sent to us within 72 hours of the date the offer ends, or the date of the email that was sent for a receipt that was not accepted, whichever is later. In the Find&Save app you will be able to tap on your entry and place your resubmission right from the app! If for some reason this does not work within the 72 hour time period, you can also reply to the email that was sent to you for the receipt that was not accepted.

To help ensure that the support staff can provide you with the fastest results possible, please include the email address that you use for your Find&Save account, and the receipt number for the receipt that was not accepted in your message to support.

Resubmissions will no longer be accepted after this 72 hour window has expired. All resubmission must qualify according to the offer details and time-frames as an original entry.


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