Why was my receipt not accepted?

There are a number of things that could result in your receipt not being accepted. To prevent this from happening, make sure that all of the requirements are met when submitting your receipt. There are a couple of things you can check before submitting to make sure your receipt is approved.

 - Certain information on the receipt must be readable.

This is important! If we can't see these things, your receipt might be rejected, and we will ask you to resubmit more pictures so we can verify them. This will delay your payment, so the key is to make sure your first picture is a good one. The following things need to be visible:

 - Store Location

 - Items Purchased

 - Date of Purchase

 - Receipt ID (if applicable)

If you can't fit all of this into one picture, don't worry. We will likely not accept your first submission, but you will have 72 hours to send in new pictures!

- Your receipt has an incorrect purchase date.

Our campaigns are time-sensitive. Always make sure that the date on your receipt is within the timeframe for a campaign. If your purchases were made before it started, or after it ended, your receipt will not be accepted.

- Prohibited Items were purchased.

There are prohibited items that will not count towards the total on the receipt if they are purchased. To see more about this, please see our article on Prohibited Items. You can also see what items are prohibited for each campaign on the screen before submitting, at the blue link saying "Additional rules apply".

- Your entire receipt did not fit in the photo.

If your receipt gets rejected because of this, the email will say "Incomplete Image". If this happens, don't worry! You still have 72 hours to submit some new pictures of your receipt so we can see all of the information on it that we need.

These were some of the more common things that could cause your receipt to be rejected. Make sure to check the Offer Details link and the Terms of Service for more information!


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